2013 Submissions

His Name is Sir Squiddly New Wave Song
Telefon Techno Song
Boss Hip Hop - Modern Song
Bastille Beat Dance Song
The SS Stretch Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Camel Craze Hip Hop - Modern Song
Sewer Swing Hip Hop - Modern Song
Raise the Dead Hip Hop - Modern Song
Ghoul Raiser Industrial Song
Hatchet Careers Funk Song
Kill Orb Dance Song
Noggin New Wave Song
Long Times Miscellaneous Song
Tiger Fur House Song
Digging Up Mines Trance Song
Mnemonic Sun Dance Song
Nazi Swim Team New Wave Song
Prince Pants New Wave Song
The Melancholy Cardinal Trance Song
Flesh Ability House Song
Fangs Dance Song
Juice Helmet Dance Song
Doctor Moonface Funk Song
Ashes Industrial Song
Oh Way Funk Song
Artsonsphere New Wave Song
The Basically New Wave Song
Tiny Firecracker Dance Song
Gregory the Fox Dance Song
The Attention Dance Song
Professor Ghost Classical Song
Crosshatch Dance Song
Lattice New Wave Song
Smoking Crocodiles Techno Song
Fury Industrial Song